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Powder coating and wheel repair in Clifton, NJ. We refinish automotive and motorcycle wheels, including bends and curb repair.

  • Powder Coating

What the heck is "Powder Coating" anyway? Think of it as a dry form of paint. The powder is applied via STATIC electricity (see what we did there?) It immediately bonds to the part and then baked for a specific amount of time. When it's done baking, you get a super durable surface that is much much stronger than paint! There are THOUSANDS of powder colors to choose from. Also, there are lots of different types of powder for different applications. Basically, anything metal can be powder coated.                                                                        Here's a list of some of the things that we can powder coat:

  • Wheels: Steel wheels, alloy wheels, any size and any make/model! Whether you're looking to get back to that factory OEM look or a totally custom color, we have you covered.

  • Automotive Parts: Calipers, Valve covers, Manifolds, Bolts, Engine Covers, Strut Bars, Springs, Oil Pans, etc..

  • Garage and Household Items: Tools, Tool Boxes, Cabinets, Landscaping Equipment, etc..

  • Fixtures and Displays


  • Wheel Repair / Rim Repair / Curb repair

    • Cracked or bent your wheel? Don't worry, we can fix it! Our top-of-the-line straightening machine can repair all sizes of wheels. No matter what the  damage is, it can be done. Our equipment can straighten a wheel within a fraction of an inch in a matter of minutes. So save your money! Buying a new wheel can cost hundreds of dollars.. Fix it instead!

  • Tire Mount & Balancing

    • State of the art tire mounting system by Corghi. What does this mean for you?? It means we won't scratch your wheel when putting the tire on!

    • Dynamic wheel balancing by Hunter. Super accurate balancing means no vibrations when you're driving. Proper wheel balancing will prolong the life of your tires and save you gas mileage!